about us


Agrodia is an agricultural start-up and incubated in RCOEM Technology Business Incubators Foundation (RCOEM TBI). It is a company/organization which mainly focuses on problems faced by the farmers. It is a sustainable business model with diverse offerings balancing present and future needs. Taking into consideration all those issues, we placed a one-stop shop for farmers, which is well equipped with a variety of products and services like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides/chemicals, animal feed, tools and equipment. It can act as an accreditation agency for certifying farmer's produce.

The Short-Term goal is setting up the first few stores around Nagpur district and increase the sales volume to ensure the sustainability of the business. Medium-Term goal is setting up fully functional 2 model outlets and flagship store with the delivery model. Long-Term goal is an expansion in various districts and states, going online and adding many product categories and lines. The company’s name is Agrodia—it means across agriculture and sounds like Agro-India.


Productive, profitable and sustainable agriculture in India.


Create a one-stop destination for all agricultural needs of farmers.